Genius Hack To Clean Tile Grout In 10 Minutes

Genius Hack To Clean Tile Grout

Tiles are the most exposed things in your house and are expensive too. They need regular cleaning and maintenance. Uncleaned tiles and grouts can cause many problems. The dirt present in the grout can easily spread and cause many respiratory issues and skin infections too. To clean the tiles regularly you can use homemade remedies and if the stains or dirt are hard to remove you can hire professionals. Read the blog thoroughly to know more about Genius Hack To Clean Tile Grout. Before that, we will tell you why this is important.

Why Is Tile And Grout Cleaning Important?

Tiles and grout can catch a lot of dirt which can create problems for the tiles as well humans. Some of the reasons why tile and grout cleaning are important are given below:

  • To prolong its lifespan- It is important to maintain the tiles and grout to prolong their lifespan. Regular cleaning will help you in prolonging the lifespan of your tiles.
  • To save money- If your tiles and grout are cleaned regularly it will help you in saving a lot of money. Uncleaned tiles can damage easily and you must buy a new tile which might cost you a lot. 
  • To Maintain Hygiene- Regular tile cleaning will also help in avoiding many disease-causing bacteria and germs residing in tiles and grouts.

How To Clean Tile And Grout Without Scrubbing?

Scrubbing can sometimes damage the tiles and also fade their colour. So to avoid damage you can clean the tiles and grout using natural solutions. A mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can be the best option for you to clean the tiles and grout thoroughly without damaging them. You can follow the steps given below to clean the tile and grout thoroughly without scrubbing.

Method 1- Cleaning The Tiles And Grout Using Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide. 

Step 1- Prepare The Solution- Mix ½ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl and stir thoroughly. Once the solution turns into a paste add one teaspoon of liquid dish soap. And once again stir the solution. 

Step 2- Apply The Mixture To The Tiles- Once the mixture is ready you can start applying it to the tiles and grout slowly with the help of a spoon. Once the mixture is applied properly you must wait for some time and let the paste dry properly. 

Step 3- Wipe Out The Mixture- Once the mixture is properly settled on the tiles and the stains and dirt is absorbed you can wipe out the mixture using a sponge or a towel. Make sure you remove all the paste from the tiles. 

Step 4- Dry The Area- Once you wipe the mixture from the tiles you must air dry the tiles and the grout using a dryer or you can also use natural ways to dry the tiles and the grout. Just let it dry with the help of natural air. You can repeat the process if the tiles still have some stains. 

Method 2- Cleaning The Tiles Using Lemon, Vinegar And Water- 

Step 1- Prepare The Solution- To prepare a mixture you should mix 3 cups of water with lemon juice squeezed out of half a lemon and pour it into a spray bottle.

Step 2- Spray The Solution- Once the solution is prepared spray the solution on all the stains. Make sure you cover all the corners thoroughly. Let it settle for some time and meanwhile prepare a solution of ½ cup of baking soda, ½ cup of water and ½ cup of white vinegar and spray this solution on the grout. 

Step 3- Wipe Out The Solution- Once the solution is dried up use a damp rag to remove the lemon juice and water solution from the tiles and a dry cloth to remove the vinegar and baking soda solution from the grout. 

Step 4- Dry The Area- After the area is cleaned thoroughly you can dry it up using a dryer or you can just turn on the fan and wait for some time until it gets dried up. 

You can repeat the process to clean the tile and grout thoroughly. 

Hire professional Tile Cleaners- When DIY HACKS Do Not Work

If you need better cleaning results for your tiles you must hire professional tile cleaners. Professional cleaners know all the best techniques and best methods that are useful in cleaning the tiles thoroughly. One of the most important reasons to hire professional tile cleaning services is to get effective cleaning for removing all kinds of stains.

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