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As one of the leading companies in the bluestone cleaning Melbourne industry, we are proud to announce that our professionals are well-certified. Tims Tile Cleaning Melbourne is also easily recognised because of the best-requiring customised methods and implementation techniques. In fact, our bluestone cleaning service range is from small private homes to large restaurants. Thus, do not hesitate to ping us at 03 6121 9069. 

Bluestone Cleaning Melbourne

There is also much more about us we offer same-day and emergency services, our experts are regional & we offer obligation-free quotes. Moreover, if your property is a place of bluestone tiles both indoors and outdoors, we accordingly clean them. Because of our bluestone cleaning Melbourne service, your floor and wall tiles become more durable. Contact us today! 

All The Reasons That Show You The Importance Of Bluestone Cleaning

  • Zero Stains: When professional bluestone tile cleaning comes into the picture, there is no way stains will be left behind on the flooring. The stains may be stubborn ones from coffee or sauces or from spills of juices or food crumb oil stains. 
  • Regain Aesthetic Appeal: Make your home appear aesthetic and add luxury to it by leaving your bluestone cleaning in professionals’ hands. In fact, If you leave this work in professional hands, then it says your time, money, and energy. 
  • Durability Increases: One of the first requirements is to look for bluestone tiles’ durability and you can keep this long-lasting. But this is only possible if you go for quarterly or half-yearly bluestone tile cleaning every year. 
  • No Accidental Slips: Longer the bluestone tiles you keep using at your home, the quicker the slippery they become. However, regular cleaning acts as your saving grace and makes you free from accidental slips. 
  • Original Colour: With perfect installation and well-timed bluestone cleaning Melbourne service, the original colour reappears. And the blue stone tiles you have at your home regain their former green, purple yellow, grey, or blue colours.

Here Is The Cleaning Method We Implement For Bluestone Tiles

  • Dry Cleaning- Bluestone tiles indoors like walls for kitchen tops, we use a clean dry cloth to wipe down the area. This way all the unnecessary debris and dust under particles will be easily removed. 
  • Wet Cleaning- When we find fresh spills, stains, or spots, the perfect solution we go for is the wet cleaning step. In this step, we use mild dishwashing (a few drops) as a cleaning agent for stubborn spills. 
  • Thorough Wet Cleaning- On finding built-up grime or stains that already sat for a longer period, we do a thorough cleaning. This step is mainly executed in areas like patios and other outdoor areas. 
  • Organic Stain Removal- We also follow another step where stains are built-up because of leaves, coffee, or other organic products. And for positive results, we use natural bleach. 
  • Follow-Up Inspection- We end the bluestone tiles cleaning process with a follow inspection where we recheck everything. Like,
    • Potential residues 
    • If all the problems are resolved, etc 

How Are We A Different Company In The Bluestone Cleaning Industry? 

  • Residential And Commercial Services: You can avail of bluestone cleaning Melbourne service for your residential or commercial property. In fact, if you want to hire our experts at your shopping mall as well as private homes at a time, you can book us. 
  • Timely Fashion Service: Including the full analysis of flooring and walls until the post-inspection work we do everything in a timely fashion manner. Each time for every client project we approve, they approach your location on time to provide unique cleaning methods. 
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment: With the encouragement from Melbourne client-base ranges, we started cleaning bluestone tiles with state-of-the-art equipment. The equipment we use stands out among many types of equipment available in the Australian market. 
  • No Hidden Charges: The charges we cost you for bluestone cleaning services are kept in open and we maintain a clear transparency. Therefore you face no hurdles with the payments like hidden charges or extra payments. 

Outstanding Results: As we involve advanced technology and new innovations, we assure to provide outstanding results. One of the reasons why we give complete assurance with their results is that our cleaning agents are chemical-free. Our staff has Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.