Porcelain Cleaning Melbourne

Dirt-Free Porcelain Cleaning Melbourne Services

Tims tile cleaning Melbourne is a large firm in Melbourne that takes responsibility for cleaning both residential and commercial porcelain tiles. With locals like our porcelain and tile grout cleaning Melbourne team of experts, you can skip the pressure of self-cleaning everything. In pursuit of offering the no.1 dirt-free porcelain tile cleaning services, we started gaining more skills, experience and self-training. Our cleaning processes are exclusive to different sizes and shapes of porcelain tiles. 

Porcelain Cleaning Melbourne

We became one of the best companies for porcelain cleaning service and have been recognised as the same by the locals of Melbourne. Moreover, we continued to tailor new cleaning techniques at affordable ranges which resulted in porcelain issues. Also, we have special offers like next-day service and emergency porcelain cleaning in Melbourne service. We also take your bookings on 03 6121 9069 if you want an obligation-free quote from us. 

Benefits You Avail From Porcelain Tile Cleaning 

  • Enhanced Wear Resistance: Regular porcelain cleaning not only keeps your tiles looking neat and tidy but also enhances their wear resistance. This means minimal cleaning will be required in the future, ensuring long-lasting beauty. 
  • Prevention of Damage: Timely porcelain cleaning in Melbourne helps prevent damage caused by stains, mold, germs, allergens, and other substances. By maintaining a clean surface, you can protect your tiles and prolong their lifespan.
  • Impressive Scratch Resistance: Porcelain tiles, made of dense clay, offer exceptional scratch resistance compared to other materials. Regular cleaning preserves this inherent property, ensuring your tiles maintain their scratch resistance over time. 
  • Effective Water Resistance: Porcelain cleaning ensures your tiles maintain their water resistance, with an absorption rate as low as 0.5%. Some porcelain styles even exhibit an absorption rate lower than 0.5, providing excellent protection against water damage. 
  • Restored Smoother Surface: Proper care and regular cleaning rejuvenate the surface of your porcelain tiles, restoring their smoothness. You will notice a significant increase in durability, reducing the occurrence of frequent wear and tear. 

Cleaning Method Tailored To Suit Your Porcelain Flooring

  • Thorough Pre-Vacuuming: To get rid of loose debris, dirt and dust particles from the porcelain tiles, we do this through vacuuming. Here, vacuuming also removes the soil particle that gets stuck in the grout lines of tiles. 
  • Porcelain Cleaning Pre-Treatment: We apply de-greasing agents over porcelain tiles that are alkaline-based. Then, we let this agent sit for about 20 minutes to loosen up the contaminants and grime.
  • Power Scrub: With the application of a specialised brush, our experts agitate tiles as well as their grout by scrubbing them. This way even grime will be released. 
  • Rinse With High-Pressure: If vacuuming didn’t remove the deeply-embedded soil particles in the grout, this step ensures effective results. Because we use high-performance hot water extraction equipment. 
  • Restorative Treatment: It is an optional step that doesn’t mostly come to use because of perfectly-effective previous steps. However, when needed, we execute this step too as it involves acidic cleaning detergents and soaps. 
  • Speed Drying: Use a high-powered air mover to successfully dry the porcelain tiles for desirable cleaning results. 

Why Choose Tims Tile Cleaning Melbourne For Porcelain Cleaning Melbourne?

  • Treats Mildew & Mould: Mildew and mould treatments are major parts of our porcelain cleaning procedure. With this treatment, your flooring and walls get completely sanitised that includes grout germs. 
  • Focus On Client Satisfaction: We as a professional, attentive, passionate and knowledgeable company focus on client satisfaction the most. This is one reason why people in Melbourne believe in us transforming their porcelain tiles. 
  • Advanced Equipment: Our professional Melbourne team is equipped with advanced equipment which achieves positive results. All the equipment we have purchased from reputable manufacturing companies.
  • Customised To Your Needs: We customise the porcelain cleaning Melbourne methods according to the customer’s needs and requirements. This also depends upon the location of porcelain tiles in your Melbourne property like the dining hall and others. 
  • Safe Solutions: For any type of cleaning method a client avails of from our company, the solutions we use for them are safe. These solutions are not just safe for porcelain tiles but also for kids, pets and properties surrounding you.