Cleaning Bathroom Tiles: Why Does It Matter?

Most of our modern-day bathrooms are made of tiles. The sole reason for this is that tiles are waterproof, solid, and hard and require less replacement. This does not mean that your bathroom tiles do not need regular cleaning. Just like any other portion of your house, you must clean the tiles of your house daily. This is because the tiles are exposed to water most of the time. Thus, it becomes slippery and can make anyone fall on its surface. Thus, to avoid a bathroom injury, you must clean the tiles regularly. Let us now answer your question about cleaning bathroom tiles: why does it matter?

Firstly, before jumping into the topic, we need to understand that cleaning the tiles only is not important, you also need to clean the grout properly, or else, the tiles may start falling apart after a certain period of time. Let us look at their importance now. 

Why is it necessary to clean tiles and grout? 

We all are attracted to the cleanliness, the tile floors, and the walls which can leave us impressed just like the great artwork you can walk on or touch with your own hands, which is only possible if it is clean. Now not only for the appearance but also for tile and grout cleaning is important to maintain its strong structure so that it can last longer. Let’s now show you the importance of these two cleanings separately.

Tile Cleaning 

The tile is the best fit in wet areas and is eventually very strong and waterproof and popular in kitchens, walls, and especially bathrooms. 

  • Tiles can turn slippery with age. They may collect germs and moisture if not cleaned regularly. You may slip your foot and fall on the hard surface causing you an injury that you surely do not want to happen. 
  • If one does not clean the tiles regularly, they can attract insects and pathogens. This can be very harmful to your health especially if you have small babies and pets in your house. Thus, you need to keep tiles clean for better hygiene and health.
  • Your tiles may also break and fall apart if you do not maintain and clean them regularly. This may give a rise to your monthly expense. A sudden crack or breaking of a tile can store unwanted water as they restrict the smooth flow to drains. This is a really unhygienic bathroom and can cause serious issues later.
  • After a long day of work, all you need is a shower to freshen up. You enter the washroom and get a very unhygienic vibe from the dirty and slippery tiles. This will ruin your comfort and your mood. Thus, you now know the answer to cleaning bathroom tiles: why does it matter?

Now it is very easy to clean a tile, but there are a few particular areas where it needs more effort. You should particularly avoid using an abrasive or harsh cleaner on the tiles whether it is made of steel, wool, or even a stiff sponge. As it can cause harm to the protective coat on the tile and thus, ultimately giving it a dull and blunt look, and can lead to cracks through which water infiltrates the tile and gets into the subfloor or wall framing. 

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Grout Cleaning 

First of all, you must ensure what is grout. It is nothing but the glue-like substance that holds tiles strongly together. Cement, sand, and water are its core ingredients. Added to this it can also have a colour variety added to it that will help it to match the tiles. Now it is equally important to clean the grout as it stains easily and if tried to rub it too hard to clean it can wear it away. 

It is very important to clean the grout too. Why do you ask? Here is the answer:

  • Without the grout, all your tiles will just fall apart. It holds the tile together and prevents it from breaking especially from the edges.
  • It increases the longevity of the tiles. It makes the tiles stronger and more beautiful. This reduces your monthly expenditure on bathroom tiles and thus, you save money.
  • It also gives your tiles an extra good and symmetrical look. Just because of the grout, you have better bathroom comfort and experience. Cleaning bathroom tiles: why does it matter you know now.

How Does A Professional Cleaning Of Bathroom Tiles Matter?

Now you must be thinking about the ways to increase the longevity of tile and grout. This is why it is very important to have regular professional cleaning. When one does not maintain and clean tile and grout properly, it can wear out much faster than the original timing.

On one side, the grout mixture in between the tile may start to decay and appear black and dirty, on the other, it can also have bacteria on it that could give off bad odours or even make you fall sick. And cleaning is a fairly easy task to handle rather than facing these, now putting a new floor tile is an expensive task for some, hence if you want them to stay in good shape, the best thing you can do is clean it through professionals alternately.

You must be wondering how professional cleaning works, here’s the answer, now as I mentioned maintaining a clean tile and grout can be time-consuming for you so hiring an expert is the best thing you can do. As this saves you time, also professional cleaning is not very expensive, you can utilize that time using other fruitful things instead of just cleaning.

Now the following steps show how a professional works, 

  • First, the inspection involves checking on how much damage has been cost and how it can be treated, different techniques are used to make it perfect, and impressive just like a new one. 
  • The second most important is the treatment, where tile and grout cleaning experts actually work to provide their best service. 
  • The third involves rechecking and sanitizing it involves the average time for the next cleaning sessions that are needed. And finally, the follow-up treatment is also important for the longevity of the cleaning process. 

Still asking about cleaning bathroom tiles: why does it matter? You sometimes may break one or two tiles when trying to clean yourself. This is why you need the best professional tile cleaning experts.


Moreover, as you can see tile and grout cleaning is extremely necessary for everyone. Not just once or twice a year but very frequently. So the best way to do it is to hire professional tile and grout cleaning experts for this. Now you know cleaning bathroom tiles: why does it matter?