How To Fix Discolored Grout On Your Own?

With time, the grout in your home gets discoloured and looks very bad. It is a very common issue that many homeowners face. But, don’t worry, there are some tile and grout cleaning products available on the market. It can not only fix discolored grout but also water damage. In any area of your home, if you notice that the grout has faded, then, don’t worry. You can fix discoloured grout on your own and make it look like a new one.

Discolored Grout

There are many ways to fix discoloured grout. Cleaning or restraining grout is way too expensive but it will not be able to give you perfect results like professionals and sometimes consequences arise to replacing the grout.

In this article, we are going to share with you some ways to fix discoloured grout. By following this you will get a solution to all your problems.

  1. Stain unsealed grout: Well, you must be thinking that why are we suggesting staining your unsealed grout? So, let me tell you whether you are trying to get your tile back to its original color or you are thinking of picking a new color. Staining is the best or great option you have to fix discoloured grout. Though you need to remember that staining will only work on unsealed grout, as sealants tend to help the grout on the tile floor and also it lets other areas resist moisture on your floor. You can check grout sealing, just by sprinkling some of the drops of water on your floor.
  2. Replace the original grout: If you are noticing your grout discoloration, then, the best option you have is to replace it. You will need a grout remover and a manual grout removing tool which is easily available at home improvement stores or tiles stores. You need to be very careful during the removal process, although you don’t have to worry porcelain tiles are kind of very durable. But still do not nick or chip your tile while you are removing or replacing the original grout. Once you successfully remove the old grout, install a new one.
  3. Apply a store-bought cleaner for prevention: Avoid cleaning products that contain bleach or harsh chemicals to keep your grout looking beautiful for a long. These can eventually erode grout as well as lead to mildew or discoloration. So, to fix discolored grout, you can apply a store-bought cleaner for prevention, as prevention is the best cure.


So, these are some of the ways to fix discoloured grout. Follow these simple do-it-yourself tips to restore your discolored grout on your own and keep it looking beautiful for a long. You can hire professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne for help. But it will cost you good money, so, it is better that you follow these simple steps. It is better to hire the best & effective tile & grout cleaning expert. They know very well how to deal with such issues. We have made tile floor cleaning very easy so when you decide to clean your tiles and floors, you can contact us.